New site is on its way!

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Time to shake things up a bit more on the server side 🙂

We’re going to start developing a new web page for us (basically editing a template to suit us :P) and that means we need to move the forum from the root directory to what will be a more suitable sub directory. When we’re done we will have a new good lookin’ start page with info about us, what we do etc etc. This is mainly to “concrete:ify” that we are here to stay, we do what we think is fun and if anyone else wants to join in on the fun they are able to read up on it and then contact us.
As you might understand from that we are still trying to expand our own ranks a bit and the purpose is so we can pull a few more players of our own on the missions we arrange, but also diving into finding more partners to collaborate with, as in have the option to plan games with even higher number of participants. And to be able to do that properly we feel we want something more presentable than our forums.

So, for the sake of the forum, this means that you will need to change your bookmarks manually meanwhile we get the new site up and running. So to be very clear:
The forums will be moved from to The forum will be moved Saturday evening.

Once the new page is up there will be links to the forum in the main menu ofc … 🙂
As a small unintentional bonus, we will “develop” the site live, as in: you will be able to sneak peak and check the new site out as we build it in the coming week 😀

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