Game Servers

We have our own very powerful server and are currently running two fully fledged instances of ArmA3 along with TeamSpeak and our own custom mod repositories.

Campaign Server

Running as our beating heart is our main Campaign Server. This is where all of our operations are hosted.
You need to run our custom repo on your client to be able to connect, so make sure that your repo is up-to-date. The operation briefings will be available on the forum a few days in advance.  

Insurgency Server

We have a custom Insurgency style server up and running 24/7 with persistency turned on. The server is there for your pleasure so you and your friends can connect and have a good time. The mission that is constantly running is a mix between a classic Insurgency mission where you need to clear sectors of enemies (turning red zones into green) and a training mission where a Virtual Arsenal and several Virtual Vehicle Spawners are available so you can hone your skills, no matter if it driving, piloting, medical, team leading or general shooting skills.
As on our main Campaign Server, you will need to run our main repository in order to be able to connect. The server requires no password, just our repo. Joining our TeamSpeak when playing is a must.

TeamSpeak Server

If you don’t already have TeamSpeak3 installed, download it from here.
To connect to our server, click the link or enter the following server details (no password required):

Arma3Sync Repositories

We utilize Arma3Sync as our only way of keeping our mod packs up-to-date. This lets us update the repo in a very easy way when there’s updates for the different mods we use. We also develop mods and config patches of our own.. We always test the mods we use thoroughly before adding them to the repo and we make sure they work properly along side already existing mods.

First of all you need to download and install Arma3Sync. Downloads and instructions how to set it up for the first time can be found here.

Details on how to download our different repositories will be provided once you sign up for a game and/or show interest in joining us.