Who are we?

JTF16 is a group of mature ArmA veterans, we consist primarily of Swedish players at this moment but that is something we don’t mind changing.

Apart from a few special events we play co-op games and we have our own dedicated game server where we also host our mod repos and TS3. We host our own OPs two days a week and we try do joint-ops with a bigger groups as often as we can.

The group has its own very talented mission and campaign makers and usually do campaigns that stretches over several weeks.

So, what do we do?

We play ArmA, that pretty much it, but we do it with a twist that we like to call “Milsim Light”. We like to mix milsim with casual play, creating a fun and inviting environment for everyone involved.
In practice that means that we do have a set structure and in-game we have a chain of command but without the use of ranks and such. What we strive for is to get some really good immersion going, but at the same time understand that we do this because it’s fun.

We are looking for mature players so we have set the age limit to join JTF16 to 25 years old. If you want more information on how to apply to us head over to the recruitment page and read there.